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Featured Project - Access Control & Entry

The Kings School

The Kings School required an all-in-one Access Control solution to ensure access to classrooms, offices, and sports areas spread across the site were kept safe and secure from students. Utilizing Paxton Net2 the system can be monitored and managed across the site.

Access Control

Retrofit Using Paxton Net2

Kings Community Church, Hedge End, wanted to add additional doors to their already installed system however the previous system was no longer in production. The result was to retrofit their existing ACT Access control system with Paxton Net2, making the new system fully networked to enable it to be managed and administered from a central computer. They continue to make retrofits in stages with the long-term aim to be fully retrofitted to Paxton Net2 Access Control.

Access Control

Paxton Installed in London Church

Having moved into the Church Building which they acquired from another church, The Church in Bassett St. wanted to upgrade the building’s security both externally and internally. They opted for a Paxton Net2 Access Control System along with door closers featuring fire release holdbacks, allowing for added security and safety all around. The system is Networked together allowing easy system administration and management for the 5 doors spread across 3 floors.

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